Essentially there are 2 parts of creating a user persona(s).

  1. Research aka Data digging and a lot of thinking
  2. Structuring and translating the data into a friendly and useful form for your organization

So let’s start🤜

Research aka Data digging and a lot of thinking

Questions you can use for your user persona investigation:

  1. Who are they? Demographics such as gender, age, and education
  2. What is their job? Data such as title, organization size, industry, and general job responsibilities or What is it that they do in life and why? In case of users
  3. What is a day in their life like? Describe what an average day is like for them, who they are dealing with, and what decisions they are making
  4. What are their primary pain points? Describe the primary challenges they are trying to overcome that relate to your services
  5. What do they value most and what are their goals? Explain what they value most in making a decision to get involved with your organization and what they are trying to accomplish in the interaction with you
  6. Where do they go for information? Identify the primary sources they use to gather information in their research and decision process
  7. What’s important to them in selecting who they will get involved with? List what is most important, such as having proven experience, being an expert, etc.
  8. What are their most common objections? List the reasons you hear most often for why your solutions won’t meet their needs

Structuring and translating the data into a friendly and useful form for your organization

SEGMENT: Background:

  • Detail the personas job role and responsibilities, in the case of user describe what he does in life
  • In case of donor: Include important information about the persona’s company/organization
  • Education, experience, hobbies, etc.
  • Married? Children?

SEGMENT – Demographics:

  • Gender (skews male/female?)
  • Age range
  • Income (if relevant)
  • Geographic (Is your persona urban, suburban, or rural?

SEGMENT – Identifiers:

  • Key personality traits (extroverted? Reserved?)
  • Mannerisms
  • Job identifiers (Works 60 hrs/wk, prefers email over direct mail, etc.)

SEGMENT – Goals:

  • Primary Goal
  • Secondary Goal

SEGMENT – Challenges:

  • Biggest challenge to persona’s success
  • Needs in order to achieve success

SEGMENT – Value Proposition:

  • How your organization solves your persona’s challenges
  • How your organization is positioned to achieve persona’s goals

SEGMENT – Quotes:

  • Include typical quotes from user personas. These help to further represent your persona accurately as well as help your team understand them better.

SEGMENT – Common Objectives:

  • What are the most common objections to your service from this persona?
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