The topic of content marketing and in general the messages that you want your audience to hear is heavily interconnected with the channels you will be using to convey them. 

So which channel to use?

Don’t panic. 😊

Start by considering:

Media or channel of communications is the means or ways that are used to transitioning the messages or information from the sender to the receiver.

And these ways have evolved A LOT in the past few decades.

Figure 35 – What to consider before deciding on communication channels. Photo source:


Modern mass media started with print and outdoor, continued with radio, got much bigger with TV and then got completely turned around again with digital.

And this forms one of the typical ways of looking at media – as traditional and modern.

Figure 38 – The list of typical media types and differences between them. Source:

Although both are still relevant there are obvious differences in popularity and usage across different age groups.

While older cohorts are still loyal to TV this is significantly less true for the younger audience which are on the contrary heavy digital users.

Figure 39 – Types of media that are consumed by different age groups. Groups: TGI Mediana
Figure 40 – Proportion of Media usage as per age groups: Source:

So digital communication has become the dominant standard in the past 20ish years right in front of our eyes. Today, it is unavoidable and especially relevant for the younger generations.

Figure 41 – Communication in the digital world. Source:

To conclude:

  • Media landscape is becoming more proliferated each day
  • There is a visible difference in the way different age groups are consuming media
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