Work assessment

Tracking progress of work performances of your team members is important aspect of achieving your organizational mission. Work assessment will help you:

  • Review job description of your employees
  • Target strong and weak performances, thus rearranging capacities of your team
  • Keep organization on the track of reaching your mission or strategic goals
  • Analyse employee contribution to the strategic development of your organization
  • Target employee educational capacities which need to be built.

Steps to assess work of your team is also individual organizational issue, however some steps for doing so can be:

Plan assessment in advance with each team member of yours. Make them aware of the timeframe of the assessment and remind them that a basis of their assessment is their job description. Make sure you have measured their performance according to agreed set of criteria. You can prepare a questionnaire for self-assessment of your employees.

Provide employees with self-assessment questionnaire so they can provide critical self-analysis. This will allow you to get their perspective of the workload and job description.

Provide them with valuable feedback. This task can be hard from time to time, but keep in mind that you are doing this for the good of employee and your organization. Honest feedback will help your employee develop personally and professionally. Make a feedback as constructive as possible. That will help your employee to understand better your position. You should think of starting with encouraging note, while continuing with necessary improvement and finishing in motivational tone.

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