• Media landscape has changed and is changing
  • Modern media channels allow almost anyone the spread their message at low cost
  • But this makes the clutter bigger and requires sharp focus in choosing messages and channels
  • Modern media gives us great insight and option to learn and adapt – we can see instant stats and results of our communication efforts


  • A low budget situation increases the importance of Earned media and Integrated marketing efforts
  • Invest only in necessary channels that you have proven track record with – don’t expand without a good reason
  • Piggy back as much as possible on other channels and content
  • Hit one channel but hit in right 


Alright now, task o’ clock!

You have created your key messages you now know much more about channels so it’s time to proceed with choosing your specific channels for your specific audiences and the key messages you want to convey to each of them.

Come back when you have done it to re check if they are:

  • Aligned with your core values and identity
  • Manageable with the resources you have “in house” – within your organization. Forget channels that you are not naturally well familiar with and that you don’t have human capacity to support in continuity.
  • “First choice” channels for your target audience. If your staff is expert in Twitter but none of your target personas are there, save yourself the trouble.
  • You can track their performance over time.

If you are hitting all stated above, chances are good that the Gods of Communication will be on your side.

Your campaign is ready!

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