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Being youth organization means that you have very important role – to inspire and bring change to young people in your community. Through creativity and innovation in learning, activism and volunteerism you are shaping their future.

New people are constantly joining youth organizations and youth work, bringing with them new ideas. This makes youth work fun, engaging and dynamic. However, at the same time youth organizations are facing a lot of challenges. How to run organizations led by young people who are volunteers? How to overcome generational changes? How to ensure that know-how is transferred between generations? How to structure work so that youth organizations can be free and professional at same time? How to make sure that despite those changes, organization is always on the track of achieving its purpose?

To help you with that our consortium took a look into success stories from NGO and business sector, collected all relevant knowledge and adjust into step by step guide for making work of youth organizations sustainable and growth oriented. By sharing with you expertise of strategic planning; staff and volunteer management; the way of bringing change into your own organization; managing knowledge as most valuable asset of your organization; project management and designing communication strategies, we are guiding you on the road of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL MAKEOVER of your organization!

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