Managing people in your organization

Developing a team of people that will drive your organization toward reaching your organizational vision is one of the key tasks you are facing or might face in your work.

If you are having a team of people that are sharing same values as your organization, are motivated and skilled in their job and “breathe as one”, than your work environment should be a place where each team member, no difference if they are your employees or volunteer, come with a smile on their face. 😀

You as a leader want from them to fulfil tasks you put in front of them and to develop themselves so they can take more responsible role in the future. Be it to run organization, some of its departments, bring some added value or open some new chapter in work of your organization. But supporting them on that way is not an easy task. You need to manage those people so they can reach their full potential.

Making best out of your employee will make him/her satisfied, and in return result with better working performances.

Having said that, approach we consider here is focusing on individual person. By making each individual better, we will make our organizations and our work better. This relies to everyone in our organizations, including us. If we want to have good employees, then we have to be good leaders.

Throughout this chapter of Internal MakeOver we will bring you through:

  • Most common roles within team and their characteristics

  • Types of leadership and how to become a good one

  • How to provide learning support to your people

  • Methods to ensure high productivity of people (motivation, empowerment, work rev.)

  • Management of your volunteers.

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