Internal MakeOver

Welcome to the Internal MakeOver Toolkit!

Online tool which transformed business management expertise and experience into step by step guide adjusted for CSOs like yours to:

  • systematically and strategically set your organizations so you can reach your full potential

  • ensure sustainable development and grow of your organization

We are sure you are asking yourself now “What will I learn if I decide to read this toolkit?”

Well, let’s get straight with that right now. You will be able to:

  • Learn how to make your organization goal oriented through strategic planning;
  • Get all necessary skills and support how to make best out of your team and volunteers you are managing;
  • Be empowered to manage all program and structural changes with others in your team, keeping knowledge within your organization;
  • Learn how transfer your ideas into strategic projects of your organization in most effective way.

Of course, our work as civil society organizations differs in its core from traditional understanding of business. We are driven by bringing changes to the society and innovation to learning, activism and volunteerism, and we are mostly focused on that. However, when it comes to running organization, association or some company, we have many things in common. The way how we present our organizations, how we made decision making hierarchy according to the strategic plans, how we manage staff and volunteers or manage knowledge within our organizations, etc. Still, there is a feeling that companies are rather focused developing their organizations and procedures, and from that source use potential, creativity and efficiency to run businesses; unlike CSOs who are rather focused on creating new and innovative ideas, with paying a less attention to internal procedures and structure. This in return often cause hardships to the implementation and sustainability part.

Yes, we are aware that is mostly due to granting nature of our donors who are investing more into ideas then into organizations. But if want to have sustainable, efficient and grow oriented organizations, we need to pay more attention to our internal structure. 

Great programs need great organizations behind them!

This is why we have transferred business expertise and experience into step by step guide for CSOs to the MakeOver and use their full potential to succeed in its core mission. We believe that only together we can reach our goals, and help young people reach theirs. This is why we gathered to create this project, and we’re calling you to join and start changing youth work with us!

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