External MakeOver

 “Communication is the center of everything. You can’t execute strategy if you can’t communicate about it.

Vice President of FedEx Services, T. Michael Glenn.

Is your organization sweating over press releases that don’t get picked up the way you were planning?  Are you spending effort or, God forbid, money on creating and/or boosting posts on social media only to see flat numbers of reach or engagement?  Are your employees or volunteers unable to send a consistent message about your organization to users or donors? 

If any of these things are occurring, chances are, it is a result of poor or no external communications strategy.

USE THE FORCE! ☞ Since its conception, strategic communications have grown into an integral part of marketing in profit-oriented businesses. And being that profit organizations achieve their goals or die they have had many opportunities to test and learn different approaches to communication and leverage on the results of these sometimes expensive experimentations. Now you have the benefit to do as they say and not as they did when they were trying to figure it all out. 😀 Isn’t that nice to know? 😀

In recent years, with the introduction of the Internet, a wealth of information is readily available to anyone with wi-fi in an instant. Because of this, strategic communication has shifted from its previous position as a helpful marketing tool, to an essential one.

It is increasingly important for businesses but even more so for non-profits (who are even more scarce with resources) to clearly communicate their values and purpose through a strategic approach to external communication.

This user guide will therefore be very valuable for you because by the end you will…

  • Be able to see the bigger picture your external communication strategy plays in overall organization success;

  • Understand more about the potential of “integrated communications” – what is “integrated communication”, why it is important, what is it the process built from;

  • Have detail on tools that you can use to improve your organization’s strategic communication – especially in the area of digital marketing;

  • Be empowered to develop communication strategy of your organization by yourself and with your team.

So, let us begin! (get excited!) 😀

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