Coming up with content ideas

Start and keep managing your idea list

In this list you should have all the content topics that you feel would be relevant for your audience.

How to actually come up with ideas?

  • User pain points;
  • Competitive research;
  • Keyword research.

You should already have a relatively clear idea on user pain points from your user persona research and when it comes to competitive and keyword research you can use Google Trends.

Google Trends is a tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends. With a number of different features, it allows you to gain an understanding of the hottest search trends of the moment along with those developing in popularity over time.

It is free and has a relatively simple user interface.

When it comes to CREATING GREAT CONTENT consider:

  • Longevity – are you creating content behind a topic that will remain relevant for a period of time (this way you are making it easier for yourself by not needing to produce new content all the time)? It does not mean you shouldn’t cover short lived topic just be smart and balance it out in accordance with your capability and available resources.
  • Quality and Quantity – additional issue related to capability and available resources. If you are able and have the man power to produce content in higher quantity by all means, truck on. But never compromise the quality of your output as you don’t want to end up having a huge quantity of content which ends up not relevant due to low quality.
  • Get personal – Getting personal means both sharing your unique voice, story and personality in your content and writing for your specific audience’s needs. Know their personality and talk to them in that way.

And finally…What type of content?

☞ Articles and videos are searchable and permanent.

☞ Social media posts provide an instant reaction.

☞ Consider your target groups and your organizations objectives.

And now definitely, finally 😊

How to actually produce content (easier)?

Editorial calendar

News agencies have been doing it for years – learn from the best! Organize your communication flow so you won’t miss an important topic and can prepare and plan as per your goals.

Useful links:

How to Create an Editorial Calendar in Google Calendar:

Solutions for graphics

There are many online tools that you can use for free to prepare striking visuals that can help convey your message. Canva is one example.

Useful links:


Use templates:

Stay within your chosen brand identity – repeat colors, fonts…

Save these templates so they are almost done the next time you need them.

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