Strategic plan and its elements

Like there is no single definition to strategy, same goes with approach to strategic planning. There is no single best methodology to do so, and this process largely depends from organization to organization. However, by analyzing practices with youth organizations from around Europe, we have comprised a step by step methodology that proven its success. Despite this, you should always be open to some new ideas from your team and try to adjust this approach to your organization and organizational needs. “

Strategic plan consists of several elements that all can be boiled down onto several questions:

Who are we?

Where is our organization now?

Where we would like to be in the future?

What do we have to do to get there?

Throughout next couple of pages, we will lead you through this questions, providing you with methodology on how to answer these questions.

Tip: When developing strategic plan of your organization you should think about involving everyone that has certain connection with your organization into this process. This means to involve everyone from top management to volunteers, but also beneficiaries of your services, all relevant stakeholders and donors (if possible). By involving them you will:a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall goal.

There is no rule how to involve all of them into this process but having this in mind and discussing about it with your team will lead you toward solution.

  • Make strategy more relevant and more realistic
  • Build understanding and trust among all involved parties
  • Share ownership over strategy which will made them all more committed

Now let’s get to making your organizational strategic plan!

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