Recruitment process

After planning is done, you should put that plan into action. At the beginning you should find appropriate volunteers. In order to that let’s go back to the role of volunteers. Description of the volunteer work should contain following elements:

  • Title of the volunteer position

  • Aim of that position in relation to volunteer mission and your strategic goals

  • Clearly defined tasks he/she will perform

  • Profile of the volunteer you are looking for (its skills, competences, values)

  • Time volunteer will dedicate to the work within your organization

  • List of benefits your organization will provide to the volunteers (competences you will help them to get, training they will be able to attain, certificates they will get, etc.)

  • Monitoring measures in place to track volunteer performances

  • Name and tasks of person in charge for managing volunteer/s.

By making this as clear as possible it will help volunteer to exactly now what he/she can get and are organizational expectations from them. But also, it will help your organization to coordinate process more easily and track its progress, review and redefine process, improve it and continue with toward your vision.

Everything stated above is mainly applicable when you are looking for volunteers with certain skills to support your organization in some of its aspects. However, if you are having some activity and you need to attract large number of volunteers, no matter of their competences, then above-mentioned description should be adjusted to the situation.

Use this description to create inspirational call for volunteers. Remember, that call should be clear, concise and yet motivational – people coming to work for your organization are value driven thus you need to inspire them. Make a decision who you are going to disseminate that call – social networks, web pages, youth clubs, schools, etc.

Also, you should have in mind in which way you are going to select volunteers. Some of techniques you can use and combine are:

  • Application form – develop this application in advance

  • Motivation letter

  • Interview – prepare yourself with questions you would like to find

  • Recommendations

  • Logic tests, etc.

Lastly, select your volunteers and invite them to join you in your work!

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